10 Things You can Do RIGHT NOW
to Expand your Leadership, Strengthen Your Organization, & Give the Progressive Movement a Chance to Win

posted by: Larry B. McNeil, Executive Director

Progressive leaders are stressed, often beleaguered, besieged by requests for their time and focus. Non-profit leaders spend most of their time either raising money or worrying about money. Union leaders still have lots of money (though much less than before) but are facing, and have been facing, an institutionalized hostile environment, dwindling memberships, and a relationship with most elected officials in which they are routinely taken for granted, often in the most cavalier manner. Continue reading….

Go Deep, Not Thin, to Win
How Understanding What Makes People Tick Can Help Us Develop Leaders, Organizations, and Social Movements

 posted by: Michael Bader, DMH

 For 30 years I have worked as a therapist.  In that capacity I have had intense conversations with CEO’s, union leaders, academics, business owners, house wives, geeks and non-geeks, baristas, consultants and unemployed; young and old people; Latinos, African-Americans, Asians, and whites; the very wealthy, middle-class, poor, and destitute.  I have tried to help, and have helped, literally thousands of people. Continue reading….

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  1. Larry Carney says:

    Michael Bader:
    I really liked your article “Go Deep…” and would enjoy reacting to all of it…but I suspect neither of us has time; I’ll pick one part that touches more on where I’m coming from. I see a midway for me in my life (old now); I try to connect religion with practicality of everyday life – prayer, social action, politics. I was priest for 30 years before marriage, taught school and had parishes, was activist in Texas with civil rights, Viet war and Grape boycott, in Detroit with downtown neighborhood and city hall, have one foot in U.S. and one in Canada with dual citizenship. I try to bridge a lot of gaps, but have experienced a lot of what you say.
    I write a lot of stuff, but try to walk thin line between religion and secular. I think God is working on world with same messsage – expand your outlook and work from the bottom up, with the poor; that’s what Jesus did. My view can see Noam Chomsky, a Jewish atheist, as a saint …who is (not consciously) working for the Kiingdom of God. We all need to be more aware of our ignorance and shortcomiings (as individuals and as a society) and listen to each other and try to work together. I think the new pope, Francis, leans in this direction. (and I’ll probably croak from old age before I do “the great significant things” I think I’m trying to do!) Peace, and thanks.
    Larry Carney, in Clifford, Ontario